How To Improve Instagram Engagement : 3 Hacks You Need To Try

Engagement rates on Instagram are an elusive concept. Are you curious about what a good engagement rate looks like, how to improve it, or why it matters? In reality, Instagram engagement rates have been declining steadily throughout the year for all users. An ideal engagement rate is around 1-4%, but the average number hovers around 2.4% at the beginning of this year. Smart people who are on social media buy Instagram auto likes for their newly uploaded content to gain wider exposure for their content in minimal time.

Engage with other accounts to grow your following

Engaging with the accounts of others is one of the best methods for increasing your engagement rate. Participating in other’s posts is highly beneficial. Whether you are posting comments on your followers’ posts or liking their posts from pages you enjoy or wish to follow, interacting with others will promote their engagement with your content. One way to increase engagement is by acquiring relevant, real followers. It is not uncommon for new followers to be excited to engage. They select to follow you for a strong reason (probably your great, captivating content), and the algorithm will display multiple posts from your new followers for the first time they follow you. Thus, they will be able to see what you post as well as engage with you.

Utilize user-generated content

The use of UGCs is a great way to engage your followers. UGC is more relatable to users because it was not created by your brand. You can also use UGC as a way to take a break from constantly creating content ideas, and it may even provide you with some inspiration. Also, by incorporating UGC into your content, you may find that you take a break from constantly designing new content and may even come up with some inspiration. 

When you incorporate UGC into your content strategy, you encourage your followers to assist you in your marketing efforts. Additionally, they will likely be delighted to tell their audience that you featured them when you share their posts. User-generated content is a relatively simple method of increasing engagement.

Include hashtags

The time has come for all of us to jump on the bandwagon of using hashtags on our social media platforms because they are extremely helpful in getting your content in front of your potential followers. It would be best if we went over a few strategy tips before you start throwing in any hashtag you can think of on your next post. It should be noted that Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post, so you will need to make the most of them. While you do not have to use them all on every post, you will probably use them for posts that will receive high traffic and visibility. The following tips are not necessary on every post, but you probably should use them in important posts that you hope will generate high traffic and visibility. If you are going to use hashtags, ensure that they are relevant.

Ensure you are using hashtags that your audience searches for and uses. Use a hashtag that is focused on a community or industry that does not have too many posts already. Even if it’s not one of your usual hashtags, you should use a hashtag that is relevant to your image. It is impossible to predict who will find your posts and be interested.

Use CTAs (calls to action)

In all your posts, do you include a call-to-action? You can ask your followers to take action by posting a link in your bio or by simply double-tapping if you agree. The use of “likes, comments, and saves” as an option logically makes sense if you are attempting to gain engagement through your posts. Adding some CTAs to your Instagram stories is a good idea if you use them (which you should). It is important to understand that engagement in stories is more than just ‘replies’, although they are wonderful for chatting with your followers and establishing relationships. Engagement is also measured through Instagram story features such as the option to answer a question, complete a poll, participate in a quiz, swipe up to add a comment, and other interactive effects. You should ask your following for their thoughts, opinions, advice, or whatever fits your brand best to get your followers’ engagement.

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